Police in Kabale nets 41 people for defying presidential directives

Police hunting for hit and run vehicle
Elly Maate the Kigezi Region Police Public Relations Officer

KABALE- The Police in Kabale district have detained 41 people who were arrested on Monday night of August 24th 2020 for defying the presidential directives and MOH guidelines aimed at stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus.

According to the Kigezi Region Police Spokesman, Elly Maate those in detention were arrested during a joint operation that was carried out during the night to fight both covert and overt crimes that occur during curfew hours.

“People should remain vigilant and comply with the preventive measures and standard operating procedures to end Coronavirus that is currently spreading like a wildfire,” said Maate.

Maate adds that they will be charged with disobeying presidential directives against Coronavirus and doing an act likely to spread infectious diseases. He asserted that these nocturnal operations will continue.The case has since been registered at Kabale Central Police station vide SD 70/24/8/2020.



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